A Seed

Submitted by Jeremy Gordon

A Seed by notasido

A Seed

By: Jeremy Gordon

A seed falls quietly from the flower's lips
To the soil below
Followed swiftly by the rain above
The sun whispers "grow"
It's a story of unplumbed worth
And it's told year after year
What once was plain and unenviable
Holds beauty not rivaled now or here...

 Come rain, come sunshine
Mixed with sands of time
The clay, brush, and pen dance
In the artist's hands

A Seed is a simple song full of patient expectation. A seed drinks the rain, absorbs the sun…and waits. In looks, a seed is nothing special.  

But it will be, in time, a life giving body.

And the simplicity of this relationship between a seed and its environment and, most importantly, between a seed and the farmer has been my illumination.

I created this song for the Illumination project because a seed’s potential is very much my potential...

...and this is the hope I can experience in my marriage, or my friendships, or in all aspects of life.

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