Anniversary Owls

Submitted by Eva Britt Hall

My parents are 2 very wise old owls indeed who met in 3rd grade and have been so dedicated to each other all these years. They truly live out the servant's heart attitude toward one another as best friends, and this inspires me as an artist and wife. My Dad always said, "marriage is about learning to love another person," and I've seen this wisdom and love play out over the years through lots of hard work.

This illustration shows my parents as 2 close-knit owls in their cozy nest. Wisdom and love encapsulates who they are as a couple, thus the inscription over their heads. The initials A, E, K above the leaves stands for the "branches" of their children—the fruit of their love, so to speak - Anna, Eva (me), & Kirk! Their initials, J & P, stand for Judy and Peder. The wheat symbolizes our years in North Dakota where they raised us kids.

(Eva Britt Hall,