Beauty Within the Broken

Janet Blatz

For the past 7 years, I have chosen to live and work in a neighborhood that is known (by people outside the neighborhood) for its high crime, low income families, drugs and everything that entails. Two years ago, I decided to leave my job helping the people in the neighborhood due to stress and being tired. However, I choose to continue to live there.

As part of my journey of healing, I made a photo journal (called Beauty Within the Broken) about my neighborhood--wanting to see things differently and trying to process the previous five years worth of stories I had heard and been a part of.

For me, this picture kind of represents the people in my neighborhood--broken (spiritually, emotionally & mentally) and often judged, ignored and not given a chance to contribute to society.

But, I have seen the beauty in the people living here - strong family bonds, loyal, caring and creative.

It just takes time to STOP and LOOK to see the beauty, instead of rushing by with labels-- just like the empty warehouse.