Above The Noise

Submitted by Hannah Joiner

A smart man once told me that comparing yourself to others steals away your joy. It's really easy to do though when society is constantly telling us what we should be,

...when we should get married,

...what we should look like, and how we should act. Don't get me wrong, I love knowing the latest trends and partaking if it's something I love and can afford. 

When it comes to marriage though, there is so much pressure. Some people have this timeline of exactly when and how it's "supposed" to happen. Some people see the results of marriages in their lives and decide it's not EVER worth it. I personally desire marriage in my future, but I'm really exhausted by the constant pressure. I want to be able to live in THIS moment. The one I'm currently in. Not tomorrow, or next month.


I created this piece for the illumination project because a lot of the time I think it takes getting above all the noise to find our own answers and peace about where we are in life. It takes us away from the comparisons, opinions, corrupted views on marriage, and helps us find a different way of life.

Also, I think hot air balloons are really cool.

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