Not Meant For You

Submitted by The Phantom Hours

Not Meant For You by thephantomhours

 Not Meant For You

By: The Phantom Hours

Savior come back, and take us home, take us home,
to make some contact when we grow old, when we grow old.
In a hospital bed, he came to you,
and the chains were laid down,
with the pain of living, when living's through,
but this is not what we were hoping for.

This was not meant for you, this was not meant for you,
this is not what we were hoping for...

And now you're walking, would you look at that, you have legs for that.
No more heavy breathing, you have lungs for that,
what lungs you have.
So wave down to me, when you have a chance,
when you have a chance.
As you play hymns for them, so they can sing and dance,
but this is not what we were hoping for.


This is a song written for my MeMa, she passed this year and will be missed greatly. She was influential in my life and in creating in me a desire to be a musician. I thought since the Illumination project was about the positive influence the older generation can have on younger ones, this song would be perfect.