What The Cave Taught Me

Myranda Woods

This piece means many different things to me. (I could probably talk about each for an hour).  But the most important, especially in relation to Love & Respect Now, is the time and place where I first drew it.  

I was in a hotel room, at the end of myself but also at the beginning of myself.

Everything felt wobbly (like the boat and the crown) and everything seemed dark (like the cave itself) because I had just lost my home to a fire (and everything was not great on the relationship end either).  But...

...if I hadn't ended up in this place I would have never learned to row my own boat or pick up a crown and place it on my head and know that I am loved and worth respecting.

And with that came a way to love and respect others.  Or at least a way to learn about it.  

I love the sea and I think this picture is the most beautiful thing I could make out of the ugliness.